Woman Suffrage Convention, Andover

Flier from the Woman Suffrage Convention in Andover. It was organized by the Massachusetts Woman Suffrage Association. The Woman Suffrage Association lasted from 1870 to 1919.

The 19th Amendment, which secured women’s right to vote, was ratified in 1920. This flier likely dates from the late nineteenth century, because the speakers of the event include many of the founders and few of the later members of the Massachusetts Woman Suffrage Association.

Woman Suffrage Convention.

The Massachusetts Woman Suffrage Association, will hold a

At Town Hall, at Andover,
On Wednesday Afternoon and Evening,
Nov. 19, at 2:30, and 7:30 P.M.

Mrs. Julia Ward Howe, Rev. William E. Park, Lucy Stone, Henry B. Blackwell, Margaret W. Campbell, Mary F. Eastman, Hulda B. Loud, Mariana T. Folsom, and others are expected to speak.

Admission Free.

The Public are respectfully invited to attend.


Woman Suffrage Convention, (November 19, ??). Andover Historical Society, Andover, MA.