Town Warrant, Rockport 1839

Sandy Bay voted in 1839 to consider separating from the Town of Gloucester and re-naming itself. This document outlines the procedure and the outcome of the naming of “Rockport” as a new town in Essex County.


The male inhabitants of Sandy Bay qualified to vote in Town affairs are hereby notified to meet at the fifth Parish Meetinghouse on Friday the 8th inst1. At 2 o’clock PM to take into consideration the expediency of separating Sandy Bay from the Town of Gloucester and forming it into a town itself.

Per request of many citizens

Gloucester March 6th 1839

Agreeable to the above notice the qualified Voters of Sandy Bay met at the time and place therein named.

Josiah Haskell was chosen Moderator. John W Marshall was chosen Clerk.

Voted. That it is expedient that Sandy Bay be separated from the Town of Gloucester and become a town by itself if it can be done on fair and honorable terms. 78 in the affirmative, 3 in the Neg.2

Voted. That we have a committee of 2 persons from each District whose duty it shall be to call upon each and every Voter residing in their respective Districts and get their opinion on the question of separation and eport at the adjournment of this meeting.

Voted. That Thos. P Knight, Charles Knowlton, Reuben Brooks, Reuben Dade, Wm Caldwell, Joshua Pool, PO Marshall, Wm Pool, Thos. Giles, & Peter Stillman Jr be the committee.


Dec. 7th 1839 At 2 o’clock PM the Legal Voters of Sandy Bay Met at District School House No. 8 Agreeable to a Notice by request of the Committee of Separation for the Purpose of Selecting a Name for the New Town.

John Davis was chosen Moderator. John W Marshall was chosen Clerk.

Voted. That we have a Committee of five to Select a name or names for the consideration of the meeting

Voted that the Committee to Select a name or names be appointed by the Chair

The Chair appointed Eben Pool, Amos Story, Daniel Wheeler, Thomas O Marshall and James Haskell committee.

Committee reported East Gloucester, Rockport, Granite, Brest & Cape Ann.

Voted that all the names reported be wrote on paper and each person mark against the name of his choice.

East Gloucester – 7 Rockport – 24 Graniteport -2 Brest – 8 Cape Ann – 22 Marks.

1 Inst. = coming up
2 Neg = negative


Sandy Bay Historical Society, Rockport, MA