Town Warrant, Haverhill 1801

This document “warns” the voters of Haverhill of an impending town meeting. It lists agenda items such as; whether animals can “go at large” and how to spend town money.

To Mr. Jonathan Souther, Constable for the Town of Haverhill for the Year 1801 Greeting —-

You are hereby required to Notify the freeholders and other inhabitants of the Town of Haverhill – qualified by Law to Vote in said Town Affairs to assemble at the Meeting house belonging to the first parish in said Town on Tuesday the seventeenth day of March Current at ten of the Clock in the forenoon to Act on the following Articles (Viz)

First to Choose a Moderator
2nd To Choose Town Officers for the Year ensuing as the law directs
3rd To Choose Committee to Reckon with the Selectmen and Town Treasurer and to receive any report from former Committees —
4th To see if the Town will vote the Swine, Neat Cattle and Horses may go at Large the present Year or to Act on that Affair as the Town shall judge proper
5th to see how much Money the Town will raise and in what manner it shall be appropriated, Also to allow any accounts and abate as the Town shall judge reasonable
6th To see if the Town will give leave for Benj. Willis, Jr and associates the privilege that the Waters from the Round Pond may be conduited into any Part of the Town they shall judge Proper or to act on that Affair as they shall think best

Haverhill March 6th 1801

Selectmen of Haverhill

Saml Walker
James Ayers
Jonathan Ayer


Haverhill Town Warrant (1801). The Haverhill Public Library, Special Collections, Haverhill, MA.