Town Warrant, Andover 1862

As newspapers became more prevalent, notices of town meetings and their agendas were printed in them. This notice from the Andover Advertiser lists a number of relevant topics for the townspeople to consider, including aid to families of soldiers involved in the Civil War.

Town Warrant

Essex SS. – To Charles Pray, one of the Constables of the Town of Andover, Greeting;
In the name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you are hereby required to notify and warn the inhabitants of the Town of Andover qualified to vote in Elections and Town affairs, to meet and assemble at the Town House in said Andover on Monday the third day of March next, at twelve of the clock, noon, to act on the following articles, vi1

1st To choose a Moderator to preside in said meeting.
2nd To choose a Town Clerk for the year ensuing2
3rd To hear and act upon the Report of the Auditors
4th To choose Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers of the Poor, Town Treasurer, School Committee – one to serve three years, also one to serve one year – Constables, and all other usual and necessary Town Officers.
5th To see if the Town will authorize the Town Treasurer to hire money for the use of the Town if found necessary
6th To see if the Town will authorize the Prudential Committees of the several School Districts to select and contract with Teachers.
7th To see what sum of money the Town will raise for the repairs of the Highways the ensuing year
8th To see what method the Town will adopt for the repair of highways
9th To see if the Town will make any appropriation for the repair of sidewalks3 and take such action on the subject as the Town may judge expedient
10th To see if the Town will continue aid to the Families of Volunteer Soldiers, as provided in the Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 222
11th To see if the Town will make an appropriation for the purchase of a new hose for the fire engines, on the request of the Engineers
12th To see what sum of money the Town will raise for the maintenance of their Public Schools for the year ensuing
13th To see what method the Town will adopt to apportion the School money among the School Districts
14th To see what sum of money the Town will raise to defray their other necessary expenses
15th To see what method the Town will adopt for the collection of the Public Taxes the ensuing year
16th To determine what compensation the Town will pay to Firemen for their services the ensuing year
17th To see if the Town will adopt the 2nd Section of the 83rd Chapter of the General Statutes of the Commonwealth relating to the capture of pickerel
18th To see if the Town will take any action with reference to General Statutes Chap 57, Sec 152 respecting deposits in Savings Banks
19th To see if the Town will accept and revise a list of Jurors prepared by the Selectmen – said list having been posted up in three public places ten days before the time of said meeting

Hereof fail not, and make due return of this Warrant, with your doings thereon to the Town Clerk, at the time and place of meeting as aforesaid.

Given under our hands at Andover, this eighteenth day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand, eight hundred, and sixty two

Selectmen of Andover

A true copy Attest
Andover, Feb 22nd 1862

Constable of Andover

1 Viz. = “following”
2 Ensuing = coming
3 Expedient = will get the job done quickly


Town Warrant, Andover Advertiser, (1862). Andover Historical Society, Andover, MA. *

*now Andover Center for History and Culture