Town Meeting after Washington’s Death, Gloucester 1800

Anno Domini1 1800

To William Segars, one of the Constables2 of the Town of Gloucester — Greeting –

By the Request of a Number of the Inhabitants of said Town –

You are hereby required in the Name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to Summon and Notify the Freeholders3 and other Inhabitants of said Town Qualified to Vote in Town Affairs, To assemble at the Meetinghouse4 of the first Parish in said Town of Gloucester on Wednesday the Sixth Day of February next at Ten O’clock in the Forenoon for the following purposes — Viz5.

1st To know what Arrangements the Town will make for the Twenty Second day of February next the day appointed by the President’s Proclamation Recommending to the People of the United States publically to Testify their Grief for the Death of General George Washington by suitable Eulogies, Orations or by Public Prayers6 –

x [AB – His Death took Place at his Seat7 at Mount Vernon, December 22 AD 1799 – And A Nation Wept]

2nd To hear the Report of the Selectmen, respecting the roads to the Landings at Sandy Bay8 – Also their Report with the Committee so far as they proceeded.

3rd To Know if the Town will give further Instructions, concerning the Sale of the Six nine- pounders9 —

Given under our hand & seal this Twenty Eighth day {of January, 1800}

1 Anno Domini = ”in the year…”
2 Constable = policeman
3 Freeholders = free men who owned property and could vote in town
4 Meetinghouse = building used for town meetings and church services
5 Viz = “Therefore…”
6 Eulogies, orations or public prayers = speeches made to help remember a person
7 His seat = his home
8 Sandy Bay = now known as Rockport
9 Nine pounders = cannon


“Town Meeting Warrant – Washington’s Death” (January 1800). City of Gloucester Archives, Gloucester, MA.