Samuel Blanchard Letter to Kilham (March 25, 1796)

Abraham Kilham was a ship captain from Beverly. It appears that Capt. Abraham Kilham had letters of credit from Elias Derby that he could use on Samuel Blanchard’s behalf to purchase goods in Calcutta that could be sold in Essex County.

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Capt. Abraham Kilham

Boston. 25 March 1796


In addition to the general orders of the voyage which you have undertaken on the “Snow Fanny”—

I have to request you wou’d make a prudent use of the letters you have from my friend Mr. Elias Haskell Derby, should your present destination eventually lead you to Calcutta. You are at Liberty to make such use of those letters, with respect to any Credit that may offer on Respondontia(?) you think will be for my Interest, advising me by all opportunities of your operations—that I may conduct myself accordingly.  

Wishing you a happy (?)  I am your humble servant—

Sam[uel] Blanchard


Samuel Blanchard, Samuel Blanchard to Abraham Kilham (March 25, 1796). Abraham Kilham Papers, 1787-1847. Historic Beverly, Beverly, MA.