Hannah Rantoul Donation Letters, Beverly 1861

These documents mention a cash donation and gratitude for Hannah Rantoul’s efforts in raising funds for the troops.

The Hannah Rantoul Collection is part of a larger collection of items belonging to the Rantoul family of Beverly, Massachusetts. Hannah Rantoul served as a liaison for the New England Sanitary Commission in the Beverly area and received many letters from servicemen and their families, thanking her for her efforts to procure donations of provisions, clothing, blankets, and other badly needed supplies for various Massachusetts infantries during the Civil War.

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Beverly June 13th 1861

Miss Rantoul,

Enclosed please find a
Statement of my Services in the
Army and such other items as
are desired.  Hoping your efforts
may prove successful and thanking
you for your kindly interest in
my behalf. I remain

Sincerely yours [?]
Isaac U. Edge[??]

Beverly April 9 [?]

Dear Miss Rantoul,

Please accept the 
enclosed five dollars for your
“Sanitary Commission” to use for
anything you think best. I
oblige a friend.


Isaac U. Edge[??] to Miss Rantoul (June 13, 1861). Letter. Endicott Collection: Rantoul Family Papers, 1773-1915. Historic Beverly, Beverly, MA.