Railroad Transport Receipts, Manchester 1851

Receipts for items that will be delivered by railroad. The company delivering the goods, Silas Peirce & Co. was a Boston-based wholesale grocer. The top image shows a receipt at the train depot in Manchester on January 6, 1851, only a few years after the train station was built. The attached image below shows goods being delivered in Lowell on March 22, 1851.

Railroad Corporation

Boston Depot, January 6, 1851

Received from SILAS PEIRCE & CO. in good order

Two Bble [M??d??]D. M
One [C??k Mi??]Manchester W A

Numbered and marked as above, which the Company promises to forward by its Rail Road, and deliver to [Dustin?] Marshall or order, at its Depot, in Manchester and will not hold itself responsible beyond the sum of two hundred dollars on any package that may be lost, stolen or damaged unless otherwise agreed to by special contract; freight therefor to be paid.

N.B. If merchandise be not called for on its arrival, it will be stored at the risk and expense of the owner.

[I?] D Holden For the Corporation.


“Silas Peirce & Co. Collection of Railroad Transport and Industrial Receipts, 1828-1861. Andover Center for History and Culture, Andover, MA.