Places Referenced in Salem Impost Books

Use this sheet for reference about the places mentioned in the July 1801, August 1801, and April 1802 Salem Impost Books.

Salem Impost Places

July 17, 1801
Schr Sally from Surinam – Suriname (country), country in northeastern South America that borders the Atlantic Ocean. Before 1975 Suriname was a dependency of the Netherlands.

Brig Rajah from Sumatra – Sumatra, also known as Sumatera, island in western Indonesia, westernmost of the Sunda Islands, is bordered by the Indian Ocean.

Ship Laurel from Manilla – Manilla is the capital, largest city, and chief seaport of the Philippines. The city is located on central Luzon.

Bark John from Guadaloupe – Guadeloupe consists of a group of islands, the overseas department of France, in the French West Indies, off the northwestern coast of South America.

Bark Eliza from Calcutta – Calcutta is the former name of Kolkata, a city in eastern India and capital of the West Bengal State.

Aug 4, 1801
Sloop Samuel from Granada – Granada is a city in southern Spain, capital of Granada Province, in Andalucía, at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Brig Hind from Guadaloupe (see above)

Ship Friendship from St. Petersburg – St Petersburg is the second largest city and largest seaport in Russia.

Ship Adventure from Calcutta – (see above)
Schr. Betsy from Granada – (see above)
Brig St Michaels from St Petersburg – (see above)

April 19, 1802
Brig Three Friends from Havana – national capital and chief port of Cuba.

Brig Betsy from New Orleans – New Orleans was owned by the French in 1801.

Snow Mary from Megadore – Mogadore was a section of Morrocco
Schooner Betsy from Cadiz – city and seaport in southern Spain
Schr. Nancy from Guadaloupe – see above

Ship William from Havana – see above

Ship American Hero from Cadiz – see above

Brig Sukey & Betsey from St. Vincent – St Vincent is an independent country in the West Indies

Ship Minerva from Canton – Guangzhou, also Canton, Kuang-chou, or Kwangchow, is a city in southern China, and is the capital of Guangdong Province.

Schr. Sally from Trinidada – Trinidad is a country comprising the southernmost of the islands in the Caribbean Sea.

Brig Phenix from Alicant – Alicant is a city, southeastern Spain, in Valencia, capital of Alicante Province, a seaport on the Mediterranean Sea.


Researched by R Zimmerman, 2008