Partial List of Subscribers of the Independent Christian Church, Gloucester c. 1790s

This is a partial list of the members of the Independent Christian Church of Gloucester, later known as the Universalists. The people who had protested payment of taxes that supported the Congregational minister are listed here. Of note is Judith Stevens ( later to be Judith Sargent Murray) and some of her relations.

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The Following Subscribers are the Brethren & Sisters of the Free and Independent Church of Christ at Gloucester N(ew) E(ngland)

Brethren John Murray1

Winthrop Sargent2 Bradly Sanders Joseph Foster David Pearce David Plummer Jonathan Trask John Somes
George Creighton John Stevens, Jun.3 Philomon Haskell John Stevens Ellery

Sisters Catharine Sargent

Judith Sargent Anna Sanders Lydia Foster

Elizabeth Plummer Abigail Trask

Judith Stevens4 Elizabeth Haskell Esther Ellery

1 John Murray = 1st minister of this new church society, later marries Judith Sargent Stevens
2 Winthrop Sargent=prominent merchant, father of Judith Sargent Murray
3 John Stevens, jun = ship owner, 1st husband of Judith Sargent Murray
4 Judith Stevens=wife of John Stevens, later marries John Murray and changes name to Judith Sargent Murray


“Partial List of Subscribers”, Records of the Independent Christian Church, Cape Ann Museum Archives.