Naturalization Records: Michael Finegan, Ireland (Lawrence 1906)

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Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Essex, ss.

To the Honorable the Justice of the Police Court of Lawrence holden at Lawrence, within and for the County of Essex:

Respectfully represents Michael J. Finnegan by occupation a clerk, an alien, now residing at No. 299 street, in Lawrence in said County, Essex

that he was born at Ireland in the County of Tipperary, in  Ireland, on or about the April 22 day of A.D. 1882, being now about 24 years of age; that he emigrated from Liverpool

and arrived at New York in the United States of America, on or about the 8 day of October A.D. 1894; that it then was and still is his bona fide intention to become a citizen of the United States, of America, and to renounce all allegiance and fidelity to every Foreign Prince, Potentate, State, and Sovereignty whatsoever, especially and in particular to Edward VII, King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and Emperor of India,

whose subject he has heretofore been: that he intends to summon as witnesses at his final hearing,
Edward J. Ward
residing at No. 105 Methuen street, in Lawrence
and Cornelius A. Quincy
residing at No. 188 Methuen street, in Lawrence
in said County, Essex

And your petitioner further represents that at the time of his arrival in this country he was under the age of eighteen years.


Police Court Lawrence, Mass. Vol. 1903-1906 PET No. 20(?)