Native American Tools and Pottery Shards, Danvers

Artifacts here show a range of tools useful to natives in their everyday lives. These artifacts include a plumb bob used to weight fishing lines, an axe head dating to 4,000 B.P. a polished stone mallet head, a gouge used to carve wood, and a mortar used for grinding. The Danvers Historical Society owns a large quantity of pottery shards as well.

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Plumb Bob used to weight fishing lines or nets

Axe Head – late Archaic ca. 4000 B.P.

Polished stone dual purpose axe/mallet head – age unknown

Gouge for wood carving or log hollowing

Box of Native American Shards of Pottery found in present day Danvers

Axe or Mallet head

Mortar for grinding


Images of Native American Artifacts from Danvers Historical Society, Courtesy of G. Mairo, Education Department. Danvers Historical Society, Danvers, MA.