Native American Artifacts, Haverhill

Artifacts presently on display range in age from 8,000 years old to the present. These artifacts include a mortar and pestle, hammerstone, channel gouges, spear & dart points, plummets, mallet heads and stone scrapers. The originals can be found at the Haverhill Historical Society.

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The Haverhill Historical Society has a large collection of local Native American artifacts on display

Artifacts include a mortar and pestle used for grinding nuts or grains

A hammerstone used for pounding

Channel gouges for woodworking

Various spear or dart points

Lower right middle point is a Levanna triangular arrowpoint – Woodland era (2000 B.P. to contact)

Plummets or plumb bobs were used to hold fishing nets or lines in place

Mallet heads and spear points were “hafted” or secured to a wooden handle using animal sinew

Stone scrapers were also used in preparing animal hides for use as clothing or bedding.


“Images of Native American Artifacts.” Haverhill Historical Society, Haverhill, MA.