List of Town Offices, Beverly 1836

This short handwritten list of town offices includes jobs such as fence viewers, selectmen, overseers of the poor, and tythingmen. It shows the importance of particular occupations that were relevant in the time when Beverly was both a farming and seaport community.

***Note see information from “Glossary of New England Town Officers” to understand each town official ‘s job

5 Selectmen
5 Assessors
1 Inspector of Lime
5 Surveyors of Lumber
4 Fence Viewers
3 Cutters of Fish
1 Clerk of Market
1 Pound Keeper
17 Fire Wards
5 Overseers of the Poor
3 Auditors
12 School Committee
9 Health & 3 from each District
21 Field Drivers
16 Tythingmen
14 Surveyors of Highways
2 Constables



“List of Town Offices”, (1836). Beverly Historical Society, Beverly, MA. *

*now Historic Beverly