List of Persons (crew list) for the Brig Athens, 1841

In 1841, the Brig, Athens, sailed to Havana from Newburyport. On board were men ranging in age from 12 to 47. Natives of Newburyport, Newbury, Salisbury, Amesbury, Seabrook, and Boston were included on this voyage. The document gives statistical data about their ages and physical characteristics as well.

List of Persons Composing the Crew of the Brig Athens
of Newburyport whereof is Master Oliver O. Jones bound for Havana

NamesPlaces of BirthPlaces of ResidenceOf What Country Citizens or SubjectsAgedHeight FeetHeight InchesComplexionHair
Oliver O, Jones, MasterSalisburyNewburyportUnited States
William F. CouchNewburyportDo. 1Do.2457 1/2LightBrown
George C. ShortDo.Do.Do.29510 1/2doDo
Stephen S.
Matthew Foster
George 1/2LightBrown
James 1/2dodo
Bartholomew O.
William Silly
Peter ShepardNo Proof
Thomas J. Herring
William Palmer

1 Do. = “ditto” …. the same as above


Crew List (Big Athens, 1841). National Archives, Waltham, MA.