Letter to Selectmen, Gloucester

In this letter to the Selectmen of Gloucester, the “citizens and legal voters” request a vote at town meeting to divide the surplus revenue of the town amongst the residents.

To the Selectmen of the town of Gloucester

Gentlemen, We the undersigned— Citizens and Legal voters of said Town Would respectfully request that you insert the following Article in the town warrant.Viz.1
To see if the inhabitants of said Town will pass a vote to divide the surplus revenue2 amongst the said inhabitants3.

Joseph Hunt Jr.
Robert Pool
Cornelius Conlly
James Norwood
George Hackford
James Elwell
Joseph Parsons
Anian Pasons
Samuel Batten
Moses Burt
Samuel Lupkin Jr.
Moses Lapham
Moses Lufkin 3rd
Andrew Parker Jr.
James R marchant
Gideon Lane
Aaron Day
Nehemiah ????
Alonzo Millet
Eben Parsons Jr
Jonathan Burnham
William H Warsaw
William Manhunt

Robert E Morton
Moses Lupkin, Jr
Samuel Robinson
John Bent
Benjamin Elwell
Jonathan Burnham Jr
Edward Goring
John Bray Jr
Joseph Haraden
Nathaniel Witham
Moses Tarr Jr
John Palmer

1 Viz. = therefore
2 Surplus revenue = extra money that the town has collected but doesn’t need
3 Inhabitants = people who live in the town


Letter to Selectmen. Gloucester Archives, Gloucester, MA