Inventory of Thomas Barnard, Sr., Amesbury 1677-1684

Excerpts from a bound volume of the Probate Records of Essex County gives a detailed listing of belongings and wealth of certain residents of Essex County in the 17th century.

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Inventory of the Estate of Thomas Barnard, Sr.

Administration upon the estate of Tho. Barnard, sr., late of Amesbury, who was killed by the Indians, was granted October 9, 1677, to Elener, the relict, and she with as many of her husband’s children as she could get were ordered to come to the next Salisbury court for a division of the estate between the children and the widow.

Inventory of the estate of Thomas Barnard, Sr.
taken 21: 6m: 1677, by Phill. Challis, Thomas Wells and John Weed: a Dwelling house, Barn, orchard & homestead, 140£; a 40 acre lot at ye back River, 25£; 3 acres of meadow at ye pond meadows, 6£; two acres of meadow at ye new meadows, 2£10s.; 4 acres of meadow in ye higgledy pigleyes, 20£, a sweepage lot, 12£; 10 acres more or less on Salisbury side on ye Powow River, 20£; 200 acres at ye great lots, 40£; a 40 acre lot in ye Champion land, 20£; a 50 acre lot at ye children’s land, 25£; a Bugmore lot, 5£; a 40 acre River lot, 38£; 40 acre Lott on ye division beyond ye pond, 16£; a 10 acre lot in ye ox pastures & a swamp lot, 10 £; two lots in ye Lyons mouth, 10£; a paired of oxen, 14£; 4 Cows, 16£; 2 2 yr. old heifers & advantage & 3 yearlings, 12£; 3 calves, 2£; eight sheep young & old, 3£ 5s.; a young horse, 2£; 10 swine old & young, 7£; 8 hives of bees, 2£; English, Indian corn & Flax, 12£; Cart wheels, Irons, chain, plow & Irons, yokes, 3£; Beetle Rings, wedges, axes, hoes, forks, shave, 10s.; Iron pots, Kettle, trammels, spit, Frying pan, tongues, 2£10s.; Brass & pewter ware, 2£16s.; Beds, Bedding, Bedsteads, curtains, vallances, 25£10s.; Table linen & hand towels, 2 £10s.; his wearing clothes that were left, 8£; His Bible with two other Books, 10s.; wool & woolen & linen yarn, 3£14s.; Cupboard, Table, chairs, wheels, forms, 3£; old cask, trays, Dishes, spoons & other necessaries, 3£14s.; Bags, saddle & grindstone, 1£10s.; a bull: & 7 yds. of cloth, 4£10s.; his right in common land drawn for but undivided, 5£; Inventory of the estate of Thomas Barnard, Sr in money, 4s.; a bill from Nathaniel Griffin due to the said Barnerd, 15s.; Due from his son at Nantucquett pr. Bill, 80£ – where of is paid & received (with)4 barrels of beef & 30 lbs of sheep’s wool;
shingle nails, 4s.; total, 607£ 12s.

Attested in Hampton court 9 : 8m : 1677 by Ellenor Barnard, widow of Thomas Barnard, and administratrix of his estate.

Elenor Barnard, administratrix of the estate of Tho. Barnard of Amesbury, with four of her sons, asking for a settlement of the estate, court April 9, 1678,
ordered to the widow, 200£,
comprising the house and home lot, half of the higgledee piggledee lot of salt marsh and the whole sweepage lot at the beach at the prices entered in the inventory, and such things as she desires as per the inventory.

Court ordered that unless there is a necessity, as the court should judge, for the sale of any of the lands for her maintenance, she should not sell it or give it away except to one or more of her children. Court also ordered that a due respect being had to what any of the children have already received as portions, the same should be divided among the rest of the children, the eldest son having a double portion.

Capt. Tho. Bradbury, Leift. Phillip Challis and John Weed, upon request of some of the children of the widow Barnard, were empowered to divide the estate of their father Tho. Barnard which was given to them, and to make return to the next Norfolk court.

Tho. Bradbury, Phillip Challis and John Weed having been appointed by the court April 9, 1678 to divide the estate of Thos. Barnard of Amesbury, who died intestate, have accordingly apportioned to the widow Barnard 200£ and to Tho. Barnard the eldest son 83£ and to the rest of the children, eight in number, 41£ 10s. each, and some over plus their mother to have.

Dated April 6, 1679, and approved by the court April 8, 1679.

The disposal of part of the lands of Tho. Barnard, sr. of Salisbury, who died intestate, by a committee appointed by the court: to his relict, the dwelling house, barn & homestead, 140£; half ye higledee piglede lot of salt marsh, 10£; ye whole sweepage lot at ye beach, 12£. To Tho. Barnard ye eldest son, a lot at ye back River, 25£; half ye higle piglee marsh lot, 10£; ye right in common land, 5£; 10 upland & 2 acre lot of meadow, 14£.

Acknowledged and accepted March 24, 1683/4 by Thomas Barnard (Jr)


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