Town Meeting, Gloucester 1822

Gloucester’s town meeting this year is largely concerned with highways and school repair.

Extract from the Records for the Selectmen AD 1822 March meeting—

Voted, That the monies to be raised for the Repairs of the Highways the current year shall be assessed by a Special Tax.

Voted, That the compensation allowed for labor on the Highways the current year be Ten Cents an hour, and in proportion for Teams, Ploughs, Carts, etc, etc

Voted That Twelve Hundred dollars be raised for repairs of the Highways the present year.

Voted That those persons who are delinquent1 in paying their highway tax the current year, that the same shall be annexed2 to their Town tax for the year following.

Voted That Three hundred dollars be raised for the support of the Town Grammar School3 with the Balance due for the current year

Voted That the Town Grammar School circulate and be kept in the several Parishes4 in town in proportion to the number of Polls5 in each of the said Parishes

Voted That Twelve hundred dollars be raised this year for the support of the several district Schools

Voted That the Selectmen be directed to obtain Possession for the Town (of) a Book or Books called Commoners

At the adjournment6 of March Meeting May 20, 1822

Voted 20 Dollars for repairs of Sawyer’s Hill, agreeably to Recommendations of Committee to inspect the same –

Voted 50 Dollars for Special repairs of Road at Hodgkin’s Cave, Squam

May Meeting
Voted 4800 Dollars in addition to the Monies paid for defraying7 the Town’s expenses the present year. May 21st 1822

J Rogers, Town Clerk

1 Delinquent=late
2 Annexed=added
3 Grammar school=elementary school
4 Parishes=sections of the town
5 Polls=voters
6 Adjournment=end
7 Defraying=payment of


Gloucester Archives, Gloucester, MA.