Estimate for Town Expenses, Gloucester 1860

As Gloucester grew in the 1800s, town affairs became more complicated. This document shows a variety of anticipated expenses – from the fire department to snow bills and the care of the “insane”. By 1860 Gloucester has established itself as a large and thriving community.

Estimate of the Selectmen for Town Expenses for 1860

For Interest330000Amt. brought up$1084000
“ Engine Men1250000Overseers of the Poor500000
“ Town Officers85000Committees Pay10000
“ Printing30000Town Clock & Bells17500
“ Fire Dept.150000School Fund120000
“ Harbor Master14000Board of Health125000
“ Public Buildings20000Snow Bills220000
“ Insane30000New roads and inforcement100000
“ School Books10000Miscellaneous Expenses200000
“ Hannah Duref’s Case80000
“ Lockeep320000Total$2076500
“ Engine House Parts, &c65000

1 Engine men = men who run the “fire – engines”
2 Snow bills = money spent to clear the roads of snow
3 Lockeep = ?


Estimate for Town Expenses, 1860. Gloucester Archives, Gloucester, MA.