Draft Document, 1777

This short note states that 60 men were drafted into the Continental army as per an act of the General Court of Massachusetts directed to raise 1/4 of the militia as reinforcements.

Agreeable to a Late Act of the Great and General Court of the Massachusetts State Entitling an Act for Raising of one fourth of the Militia1 as a Reinforcement for the Continental Army was Draughted2 and Inlisted the Seventh day of December, 60 Men Under my Command to Join Cornll3. Timothy Pickering’s Regiment and Agreeable to Orders Received of the Honorable Michael Farley, Brigadier.4 Dated Decmeber the 10th, 1776. Marchd with Officers and Men Under My Command.

Dr. Nathl Lindsay, Capt

Tiverton, 6th of March 1777

1 Militia = local military, similar to today’s National Guard2 Draughted = “drafted”, made to serve
3 Cornll = colonel
4 Brigadier = brigadier general


“Draft” (March 1777). Marblehead Museum and Historical Society, Marblehead, MA.