Diary of Fanny Farnum Fuller, North Andover (July 1859)

This diary was written by a young farm woman from North Andover, Massachusetts. She does various work including; washing, baking, ironing, sewing, quilting, making butter, cleaning, making sausage, and weeding. She also describes the work of other members of her family. She mentions many opportunities for visiting and travelling. More information about this original document can be found at the North Andover Historical Society, N Andover, on a webpage devoted to the diary.

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July Sunday 3 1859

Eliza & myself went to church this forenoon. Came home at noon. Rebecca & Stewart and their family came down this afternoon. Jacob gone to Bradford (He is) going to stay over night to be ready for the fourth. Abijah here.

Monday 4

Abijah and Kate came after me at 5 o’clock this morning to go to Lawrence. Started at 1⁄2 past. Found all hands there. Had a good time. All came back here to dinner. Went on Boston Hill (in the) afternoon.

Tuesday 5

I have been out this morning weeding my flower garden. Mrs. Bell came over after the wagon1 to go to the depot2. I begun to make a pair of sheets this afternoon. The men came back today.

January Wednesday 6 1859

I hope this week will be a pleasant week. I made some pies & cake & worked over the butter3 this forenoon. Father & Mother gone up in town tonight. Aunt Jenkins here to supper ; very hungry.

Thursday 7

I finished the pair of sheets this forenoon that I begun. My side pains me rather badly today. Mother & Eliza gone up in town to night with the colt. I am alone. Mother carried Sally a wheelbarrow.

Friday 8

Father went down in the pasture this morning and found a little dead colt; Old White’s. Very warm today. I am to work on my quilt; begun a new one. A great shower to night.

1 After the wagon = to borrow the wagon
2 Depot = train station
3 Worked over the butter = made butter with a churn


Fanny Fuller Diary (July 3-8, 1859). North Andover Historical Society, North Andover MA.