Diary of Fanny Farnum Fuller, North Andover (Jan 1859)

This diary was written by a young farm woman from North Andover, Massachusetts. She does various work including; washing, baking, ironing, sewing, quilting, making butter, cleaning, making sausage, and weeding. She also describes the work of other members of her family. She mentions many opportunities for visiitng and travelling. More information about this original document can be found at the North Andover Historical Society, N Andover, on a webpage devoted to the diary.

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January, Sunday 16 1859

To day is Abijah’s1 birth day. He is 30 yrs old. Father & Mother gone over to Dr. Russel’s. They carried me2 along to church & at night they met me at Moses Foster(‘s). This afternoon Patten set with me3. Abijah set with Uncle Nathan. Pr. Vinal preached.

Monday 17

Mother & myself washed alone to day but we did not put out the clothes4. Henry Beverly came after our little Jersey cow. Mother and father gone over to the south. I am all alone this afternoon. Jacob gone up in town this evening.

Tuesday 18

Cold and windy. Mother and myself baking. I put out the clothes. Father carried Jimmy into the woods & brought Lizzie Russel up. This afternoon Stewart & Mr. Butterfield came & father carried them home.

January Wednesday 19 1859

Mother ironed. I am working to finish my black silk (dress) to wear over to Mrs. Fuller’s society tonight. Abijah came after me. Holt carried Nancy. Grand sleighing, beautiful evening. Had a good time. Father been to Lawrence.

Thursday 20

Mother gone up to Aunt Mary’s to spend the day. Father gone to Salem. I am alone. I am writing to Eliza to day. Abijah came after me to night to go to Joe Averill’s but I was alone, but he waited for me to do the work. Rebecca & Stuart & family called.

Friday 21

We done our Saturday’s work for Mrs. Bradstreet is coming here tomorrow. Flint & Uncle Barker here to dine today. Otis work(ed) for Jacob. It rains and has carried of(f) all the sleighing. I cannot go to the Lyceum5 tonight; it has rained every night.

1 Abijah = the man that Fanny is dating and will eventually marry
2 Carried me = brought me
3 Set with me = visited with me
4 Put out the clothes = put the clothes out on the clothesline to dry
5 Lyceum = lecture in town


Fanny Fuller Diary (January 16-21, 1859). North Andover Historical Society, North Andover MA.