Daybook of J. Morgan, 1824

This excerpt from the daybook of John Morgan shows the accounts of a custom shoemaker. It is included as a contrast to the accounts mentioned above. Morgan makes and mends shoes and boots for specific customers and charges accordingly. The two types of shoe makers co-existed in communities in the early 19th century.

Beverly, January 1, 1824
John Morgan’s Day Book1

XCr. Josiah Lovett to soling2 Augustus boots0.44
XCr. Eben Smith to Balance due on settlement33.34
XCr. Daniel Cross tot soling pair of boos0.28
XCr. Benj. Pierce to Balance due on a settlement1.25
XCr. Henry Sewards to soling & welting4 your boots1.37
XCr. Abraham Coldwell to soling & welting4 your boots0.42
XCr. Abraham Lord to Balance due on settlement0.80
XCr. Abraham Coldwell to soling 2 prs. shoes at 50 & 30 ct.1.12
XCr. Elliot Hoodberry to pair bootees4.75
XCr. Samuel Ives to making your boots2.00
XCr. Joanna Stove to your son’s calfskin shoes0.20
XCr. Jesse Sheldon to mending your boots0.20
XCr. Ezra Foster to mending your boots0.13
XCr. Benjamin Bunker to soling your boots0.75

1 Day book = book of dealings with money
2 “soling” = “soling” putting on a sole or bottom of a shoe, could be finishing a shoe where someone else has sewn the upper part, or could be re-soling an old shoe
3 “Balance due on settlement” = settling up the money owed to Mr. Morgan
4 “Welting” – a narrow strip of leather put between the sole and the upper part of the shoe to reinforce the seam
5 “Bootees” – short boots


John Morgan’s Day Book (1824), pg. 1. Beverly Historical Society, Beverly, MA. *

*now Historic Beverly