Coasting Manifest for the Barque San Francisco, Beverly 1849

This document shows the goods being transported to San Francisco by Thomas Remmonds and his crew in 1849. The items mentioned include materials for constructing houses, boots, soap, hats, salt, overalls, tobacco & iron. An engraving of the ship and some other documents pertaining to this voyage are owned by the Beverly Historical Society.

Click here for a worksheet for examining the Coasting Manifest of the Barque San Francisco:

This print of the vessel San Francisco is included in the book, The Argonauts of ’49: History and Adventures of the Emigrant Companies from Massachusetts, 1849-1850 (Octavius Thorndike Howe, Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1923). The original painting is in the collections of the Beverly Historical Society.


MANIFEST of the whole Cargo on board the Barque, San Francisco whereof Thomas Remmonds is Master, Burthen Two Hundred & Sixty Eight 40/95 tons, bound from the Port of Beverly for San Francisco

Marks and NumbersNo. of EntryPackages and ContentsShippersResidenceConsigneesResidence
1.39,680 fete No 3 Boards
2.24,333 feet No 4 Boards
3.1,500 feet No 4 Planks
4.1,150 feet Spruce Joist1
5.27 Thousand Shingles
6.50 Wood DoorsBeverly JointBeverly Joint
7.900 Lights window Sashes glazed2Stock SanBeverlyStock San
8.One House Frame 36 by 36 feetFrancisco CoFrancisco Co
9.Six House Frames 28 by 16 feet
10.Ten Thousand bricks
11.One hundred casks nail
#1 to #1012.10 Cases Boots 12 pairs ea = 120 pair
13.2 cases Boots 12 pair ea = 24 pairForeign$63.00
#11 to #1414.4 Cases Men’s Brogans3 200 pairDomestic12000.00$15063.00
15.100 Boxes Brown SoapManufactures3000.00
16.1 Case palm leaf Hatts contg4 11 dozen
17.150 Bags fine Salt
18.Nine dozen pair Overalls
19.Four Boxes Tobacco = 100 lbs.5
20.2100 lbs. Iron

Joist = floor or roof support
Lights = side windows, sashes – window frames, glazed – already placed in frames
Brogans = rough work shoes
Contg = containing
Lbs = pounds


Coasting Manifest for the Barque San Francisco, 1841. National Archives, Waltham, MA.