Citizenship Papers for the Bark Chalcedony, Salem 1841

This 1841 document certifies that all of the crew on board a specific ship are U.S. citizens. The vessel hails from Salem and is bound for Buenos Aires.

Consulate of the
United States of America

I the undersigned, Consul of the United States for the port of Buenos Aires do hereby certify that JEA Todd master of the Bark Chalcedony of Salem now bound to Salem this day personally appeared before me, and declared that the list hereunto annexed contains the names of all the officers and crew belonging to the said vessel together with the places of their birth and residence as far as he has been able to ascertain the same and that the whole of the crew who sailed with him, on his last voyage from Salem do still continue to serve on board, except Amas P. Holt who was duly discharged before me and he has shipped Samuel P. Bakeman, a citizen of the United States of Am.


“Chalcedony Citizenship Papers” (1841). National Archives, Waltham, MA.