Charles Pearson Letter to Kilham, 1810

Abraham Kilham was a ship captain from Beverly. Pearson writes to Kilham to tell him of the purchases he has made on his behalf.

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Funchal/Maderia/October 14th1810


            I here send you an account of the sales of your Tea & also of what I have invested on your account, with the proceeds.  Amt. Sales of Four Chests of Hyson Tea to George C. Smith, W[illia]m Funchal on (?) of A. Kilham

Four Chests of Hyson Tea weighs 253 lbs(?) @ $1.00 cts.    $253.00

Invoice of wines shipped on the Brig Pilgrim, Char[les] Pearson

Master, bound to Brazils & India, on [?] and risqué of Abraham Kilham [?] Beverly, North America & cosigned to Char[les] Pearson for Sales & returns.

One Pipe of L.P.M.(?) ₤ (???) pipe         ₤54.00

One Qua. Cask (???)  ₤ 54. for pipe      13.10.0

                                      5/10 for Dol[lar] Mer[chandise?] in Dollars 243.04

The Balance will be accounted for…

You will doubly be surprised at seeing a letter form Maderia so late as this date; God knows I am sick of staying here, but the gross & almost unprecedented delay except in this place/of my merchant is the only reason that I am here expect to sail on Saturday for the Brazils.  I was blown out of the roads last week, with eight or ten sail; the Pilgrimas is usual, shew her excellent qualities, as to sailing (???) and returned a day before any, & five days before most of them.  This is an infamous place for a vessel to lay as even I saw.  Make my respects to your wife and Capt. Whitney & wife & to all friends. 

Your friend and noble s[ervant], 

W[illia]m Abraham Kilham                                                                  Char[les] Pearson


Charles Pearson, Charles Pearson to W. Abraham Kilham (October 14, 1810). Abraham Kilham Papers, 1787-1847. Historic Beverly, Beverly, MA.