Boston Committee for Donations, Marblehead 1774

This letter directs the Marblehead merchants to receive a shipment of provisions from North Carolina and send them along to Boston. 

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Boston Aug. 22, 1774

Gent [?],

The Committee for Donations have received advice this day of a bargo of Provisions from North Carolina arrived at Newport, waiting for our Directions; we have [ordered]the Master to Proceed to Marblehead and apply to you for further Advice & directions,– This is to ask the favour of you to direct the Master after regular entry and Clearance to proceed immediately up to Boston, and if any [expense] should be [incurred] by your draught on us shall be immediately honored.

The kindness this Town [has]experienced from our friends at Marblehead and especially from you encourages us to take this freedom.

We hope to persevere under our trials & firmly resist the hand of Oppression, Trusting in the [Supreme] Ruler of the Universe that he will in his time extricate us from our Troubles, and that we shall yet be a free and happy people with the highest Esteem & Respect we are.

Gent [?],
Your very Obliged Friends
And Servants
David Jeffries
[On] behalf of the C????


David Jeffries, Boston Committee Appointed to Receive Donations (Aug. 22, 1774). Letter. MS.1269, Boston Public Library.