Benjamin Lovett Letter to Kilham, 1803

Abraham Kilham was a ship captain from Beverly. Lovett writes to Abraham, his brother-in-law, telling him of the state of trade and his plans to buy coffee.

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            Isle France, P.N. June 24 1803

Dear Brother

            This will inform you of my arrival after a passage of 124 Days & the markets very dull.  On my passage, I experienced very unpleasant weather.  7 days I was on the Line, Becalmed, after passing the Equator I experienced very light winds & after passing the Cape of Good Hope, I only had 40 or 50 hours westly winds.  But had I kept in the Lat[itude] 36 or 37 instead of 40 Lat[itude] should have gained my passage 10 or 15 days before I did.  The market in this place is very dull & I believe all over the East, the market here is as much over stocked as ever it was in the West Indies.  

You must consider this as a family letter for at present we cannot be allowed to know the departure of any ship on account of the squadrand [a naval unit, presumably tasked with telling ships when they can leave], not more than 3 or 4 hours before departure.  I am very well & in pretty good spirits & it is my sincere wish this may meet you the same. I am bound from here toMocha, where I am in hopes to get a Cargo of Coffee.  

Coffee is selling here fro 21 and 22 d[ollars] and everything off the (?) in proportion.  But provision wines, & dry goods very cheap.

You must let mama & family know that I am well & see the letter.  Mr. Andrew Cabot is here & in good health. Treats me with a good deal of attention—had I had one hour more notice I should have wrote you more particularly. You’ll excuse me for this—

                                    I remain your loving Brother

                                                                        Benjamin Lovett (?)


Benjamin Lovett, Benjamin Lovett to Abraham Kilham (June 24, 1803). Abraham Kilham Papers, 1787-1847. Historic Beverly, Beverly, MA.