Accounting of Soldiers’ Articles, 1777

This accounting page gives a running list of items bought by soldiers and to be deducted from their wages “at the making of the role(sic).” Most are items of clothing, but some are military supplies which they are expected to pay for themselves out of their wages.

Tiverton, March 10th 1777

This Day Solve and Delivered to the Within Named Persons by Action, the Articles that is annexed to Each of their Names the Consideration of Each Article they Order. Each of them to be Charged to Them and Deducted out of their Wages1 at the Making of the Role2 ‐‐‐

Witness Job Davies Auctioneer
Attest3 Andrew Otis, Clerk of the Said Sails

Dr.5 Wm Lewis to A Pocket Book 62-6
Dr. Benjamin0-11
Dr. Sergt Humphries to a hat12-3
Dr. Corpl. Hallard to a shirt6-6
Dr. Joseph Howard to a shirt2-6
Dr. Howard to a pair of Breeches84-2
Dr. Wm Crane to a jacket12-4
Dr. John Sanders to a Great Coat99-6
Dr. Nathnl. Born A Pair of Hose103-2
Dr. Mark Within a pair of Hose6-4
Dr. Wm Lewis A milled11 Cap1-8
Dr. Benj. Perry to an old jacket3-0
Dr. Genl Wyman to a pair of leggings0-9
Dr. Sergt. Davis to a Pair of Shoes6-0
Dr. Acey Ireland to a Handkerchief5-6
Dr. Sergt. Davis to a Knapsack123-9
Dr. Capt. Blaney to a Cartridge Box131-0
Dr. Lieut. Brown2-9
Dr. John Bush A Handkerchief8-6
L14 5-4

1 Wages = pay
2 Making of the Role = making of a list of soldiers, or calling roll
3 Attest = witnessed by
4 S = “shilling” amount of English money
5 Dr. = refers to “debtor” – a person who owes money
6 Pocketbook = wallet
7 Knee buckles = buckles at the knees of men’s short pants
8 Breeches = short pants that end at the knee
9 Great coat = over coat
10 Hose = socks worn up to the knee
11 Milled = knitted
12 Knapsack = backpack worn by soldiers to carry their gear
13 Cartridge box = box to carry ammunition
14 L = a symbol for an English pound (form of money)


“Accounting of Soldiers’ Articles” (1777). Marblehead Museum and Historical Society, Marblehead, MA.