Account Book for Hannah Rowell, 1828-1831

This selection of the Edmund Rowell account book is for amounts owed to or from Hannah Rowell. She is sewing the upper parts of shoes, mostly to be paid in cash. In 1828, she sews 150 pairs, in 1829 – 80, and in 1831 – 150 pairs. Not much is known about Hannah, she may be a female relation to Edmund… possibly a daughter, or niece. Sewing shoe uppers is probably not her only daily work.

Hannah Rowell1 to E Rowell Dr.2$ cts.
Nov 19to 1 lb. flax.12 1/2
to 3 lbs of flax.38
to 1 pair morocco shoes301.50
Aug 3
to Cash02.00
1831to cash paid for dressing cloth4.85

1 Hannah Rowell is possibly a relation to Edmund Rowell, although neither is found in the vital records, she could be a wife or daughter
2 Dr = ”debtor” – money owed by Hannah
3 Morocco shoes = a type of fancy leather slippers
4 Dressing cloth = finishing hand woven cloth

Cr5.$ cts
Nov 19by 7 oz shoe thread at 50 cts per lb.22
by 1 lb 10 oz shoe thread at 50 cts per lb.81
by 3/4 lb shoe thread at 50 cts per lb.37
Sept 20by binding6 10 pair of brogans7.20
26by binding 10 prs of brogs.20
Nov 21by binding 90 pair of brogs1.80
by binding 40 pair of brogs.80
by a pair of stockings.33
Feb 28by binding 20 pair of brogs.40
May 27by making a hat.33
Sept 18by binding a 60 pair of shoes1.20
Jan 25by Cash7.00
by an order on S Chase Haverhill2.50
May 26by binding & closing 40 pr of brogues at 3 ct1.20
Juneby binding 20 pr of brg at 1 1/2 cts per pr.30
20 pr. at 2 cts.40
Octby binding 30 pr of women’s shoes.90
Novby binding 40 pr of brogues at 2 cts per pr.80

5 Cr = “creditor” – money owed to Hannah
6 Binding = sewing together the upper parts of shoes
7 Brogans = thick work shoes


Edmund Royall, “Account Book” (1828-1831). Haverhill Public Library, Special Collections, Haverhill, MA.